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  1. Yoav Gal: Bit By Bit, Cell By Cell (Music for Soprano & Atari XL) (classical music album) - Play streams in full or download MP3 from Classical Archives (thrash.faukorafelorejohelm.infoinfo), the largest and best organized classical music site on the web.
  2. Yael Kanarek’s creative practice centers on the evolution of the Modern Self to the Networked Self. She works in many media including net art, silicone and videoclocks. She often works with multiple languages, shuffling their physical properties (matter, shape, sound) and creating videoclocks.
  3. STARTLING MONIKER Yoav Gal & Yael Kanarek — “Bit by Bit, Cell by Cell” — A gorgeous work for Atari XL and soprano voice, this multimedia disc on Innova Recordings really threw me for a loop. There are many layers of meaning here, to the point that its ultimately unclear what’s happened.
  4. Bit By Bit, Cell By Cell, This enhance CD is a collaboration composer Yoav Gal and dance filmmaker Evann Siebens. Love letters and travelogs from the Traveler's Journal were set to music. Eleven music tracks alternate between a digitally manipulated soprano (Sarah Rivkin) and instrumental music composed for an Atari XL. The CD is.
  5. GAL, Y.: Vocal Music (Bit by Bit, Cell by Cell) (Rivkin). Innova: INNOVA Buy download online. Sarah Rivkin (soprano), Yael Kanarek (narrator).
  6. 6 posts published by goto80 during November Ok, the new thing is 1-bit music made with Z80! Just like with the AppleII-post before, this is me being an astonished newbie. It sounds so nice and data, I can’t believe it’s not a sound chip!
  7. Yoav Gal & Yael Kanarek - Bit By Bit, Cell By Cell: Music for Soprano & Atari XL - thrash.faukorafelorejohelm.infoinfo Music.

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